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 Contributor since: 12/29/2015

 Name: Sean B

 Videos: 3

 Analyzed games: 10

 Articles: 1

 Puzzles: 6

 Web/blog: http://chesswithsean.neocities.org/

Hello, my name is sean. I like to code, play chess, and contribute to LearnChess.

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Videos by Chesswithsean

  1. Queens gambit
  2. Modern defense
  3. Lasker attack

Analyzed games by Chesswithsean

  1. CEngr2015 vs seanysean2
  2. seanysean2 vs mdb999
  3. edward vs vintagesu5
  4. Bab004 vs seanysean
  5. seanysean vs shrodringe
  6. seanysean vs Magicmann
  7. seanysean2 vs CandersonPLS
  8. Urielps vs. Robert_New_Alekhine
  9. Learn-Chess vs. alkahh
  10. gambitmont vs seanysean

Articles by Chesswithsean

  1. How to move the chess pieces

Puzzles by Chesswithsean

  1. Completely won
  2. The Drawing Board
  3. The Impossible Trap
  4. Bishop Town
  5. Domination
  6. The Battery Explodes

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