Exchange Sacrafices

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One of the most important things that helped me get to where I am today, is learning about exchange sacrifices. What is an Exchange Sacrifice? It is where you capture a minor piece (knight or bishop) with a rook. It is usally a good idea to get a pawn while you're at it. I can hear the question on the tip of your tounge.
"Why would you trade a rook (5) for a minor piece (3) plus a pawn (1)?? You are intentionally trying to lose material."
Yes, you do go down a point of material, but some times A minor piece and a pawn can beat a rook. It is a risky tactic, but often times, it is rewarding. There are many fun things you can do with exchange sacrafices. Here is a game I played with an exchange sacrafice . Here are few Master games with an exchange sacrafice.

  That was a nice game, but here's another with the exchange sacrafice at it's best.

So, I hope you have learned much from this article, and use Exchange Sacrafices often!!