Rook Ending Traps & Zaps

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Endgames are known to be usually "tactic-less", since there are so few pieces on the board, but actually, the rook ending presents many possible Traps & Zaps.

Consider, for instance, this simple-looking position:

With black to move, this is a theoretical draw. However, if it is white to move, he wins! Try to solve this with white to move:

This is all well and good for white, but if it is black to move and he wants to draw, how should he do so[?]

In fact the only safe squares for the black king are b7, c7, b6, g7, and h7. Any other square and there follows either a check, followed by the promotion of the pawn, or a skewer, as we saw in the first example.

However, what I really wanted to discuss with you today was Stalemate tricks in rook endings. Here is an example:

In the next few diagrams, you will get to try your hand at Stalemate tricks:

Hopefully, these few exercises have raised your awareness in rook endings! Always keep your eyes open to tactics, even in the dullest position!