Play like Alexander Alekhine, Part 2

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This series is about How to Play like a famous player--these blog posts will show their games, explain their style, and much more.

Why I am not continuing the Thought Process series? Because honestly, it's too much work. Just to get part one a 100th of the way done gave me an alkaline sweat---which is why I decided to talk about the 4th World Champion today, Alexander Alekhine.

Alexander Alekhine was born on October 31, 1892 and died on March 24, 1946. He was the fourth world chess champion. He is still considered one of the best players ever to live. Alekhine was known for his sharp, dynamic style and his many great sacrifices.

For our first game, I chose a famous win by Alekhine in the French, against an equally famous opponent named NN.

Watch for the next part in this series, with another sacrificial game by Alekhine.